Monday, January 27, 2003

"Men who live by robbing their fellowmen of their labor and liberty have forfeited their right to know anything of the thoughts, feelings, or purposes of those whom they rob and pluder. They have by the single act of slaveholding, voluntarily placed themselves beyond the laws of justice and honor, and have become only fitted for companionship with thieves and pirates-the common enemies of God and of all mankind. While it shall be considered right to protect oneself against thieves, burglars, robbery, and assassins, and to slay a wild beast in the act of devouring his human prey,it can never be wrong for the imbruted and whip-scarred slaves, or their friends, to hunt, harass, and even strike down the traffickers in human flesh. If any body is disposed to think less of me on account of this sentiment, or because I may have had a knowledge of what was about to occur, and did not assume the base and detestable character of an informer, he is a man whose good or bad opinion of me may be equally requgnant and despicable."
- Fredrick Douglas, taken from a letter to the editor of the Rochester Democrat and American written after having escaped to Canada

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Due too a lack of web access I will not be able to respond to everything that I would like to. I guess the cool thing is that not all blogs have to be the same. One of the weaknesses that I have is wanting to change people to my way of thinking. I want to argue and convince, come to an understanding. Come together as people. Put when I try to bend people to my way of thinking it is a sign that I am working out on my own strength and not allowing the Lord to work through me. I don't have everything figured out. I want to listen more than I speak. And I want to read history, from the people to that made history. And recognise the good that has been done, as well as the bad. There are always the extremes. Anarchy vs. Totalitarianism. Both are bad. We have made mistakes as a nation. We have also accomplished much good. We are stinking filthy rich. Even with our unjust tax system. Doug asked if I think that we need to keep everyone out. Well considering that we have murdered 40 million babies in their mother's wombs since Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, we need more workers to keep a healthy economy. I think that if we changed our welfare system so that we didnt just give anyone money for showing up, we would have a more responsible system. You see, people just want to give their kids a better life. And if a 35 year old mexican father is willing to work in our country and respect our way of life, we can afford to give him that opportunity. We are strong enough. There is freedom to work here. Freedom as long as you are willing to pay a tribute to the IRS. Doug still pays a tribute. It's what they withold for Social Security and Medicare. Being a single guy the IRS goes after a higher portion of his pay for income tax. It's a shame that he is forced to sign that W4. I still am in the system 100% but on the inside I am waiting for my shot at freedom. I will not claim to be Exempt. Because as I see it, that would be wrong. I have a wife to provide for. I pay more in Social Security and Medicare than I do in Income tax. But one day I will be free. At least my kids will be free. Starting fresh with no SSN. If that is as far as I get to freedom, that would be enough. When our country practiced slavery against the Negro man, a slave had no hope of freedom for his children. Thank God that we have done away with such an evil system.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Speaking of being "on-point", here is something that Devvy Kidd has pointed out. Research on:
I plan on reviewing it with an open mind.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

I need to point out something here. I disagree with Patrick on this. His news source at WRH is a little jumpy. It is called having a theme for a speech. The banner was there to show the theme which was "Strengthening America's Economy." Is that a good thing? Yes. Did you hear what he said? I will read the speach tonight and get back to you if it was on target. This was on the cover of the NY Times this morning. Thats where I saw it.

The tape was on the boxes in front.

WRH is showing thier lack of rational thought when they make statements like this.

"Take a close look at the box in this photo. See how the "Made in USA" is level even though the box is not? The suggests that the "Made in USA" labels were added electronically, using the same system that places targeted advertising onto TV images of stadium walls during televised sporting events."

I really need to quite my job so that I can blog all day long.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I heard an interview on Talk 770 this morning with Chris Simcox of the Tombstone Tumbleweed. He has started Civil Homeland Defense. They patrol the border and tell undocumented visitors to turn around and go home. He was very articulate with his message. I wish him well. I asked him to start a blog section to his website so I cold hear updates on their progress. We will see what happens.

He said that last weekend they witnessed 6 or so humvee's full of Mexican Troops patroling the mexican side of the border. That is something that I would like to see on his website so that is is not second hand info from me. It gives his story more credability.

I do want to admit that I belive that there is more going on than Islamic Terrorism. Here is something taken from Rick Joyner concerning the 11-12-02 plane crash in New York.

Let me share with you what I know spiritually about the crash of the American Airlines flight last Monday. It was not an accident–it was sabotage. Bob Jones dreamed the night before it happened that someone was servicing the hydraulics of a plane and put some kind of explosive liquid in it. He saw them doing this in a reservoir near the engine, and then wiped it off so it would not be discovered. He then saw in this dream something like a piston pushing into a line that caused an explosion, which blew the engine off. Bob knows nothing about aircraft hydraulics, but on every jet engine I have studied in my aviation career, the hydraulic reservoir was on or near the engine.

Yes, I did try to call the FBI, but when the agent heard that my information was based on a dream, she understandably did not want to hear anymore. Bob and I, as well as a number of other prophetic people, had felt a tremendous burden for November 11 (11/11) or Veteran's day. Even so, the American Airlines tragedy last Monday did not relieve the grieving or mourning that we still feel in the Spirit. We both feel that a major attack is still coming against our military, especially the Navy.

The saboteur that Bob saw filling the hydraulic reservoir with the explosive liquid was not a Muslim. Bob could not tell for sure who it was, but felt that he was either a copycat terrorist, or a disgruntled employee. This to me highlights something that we need to understand–the war that we are now in is bigger than Islam. We are not warring against flesh and blood at allÑwe are warring against the spirit of fear that is seeking to impart paranoia to the whole world.This will ultimately release far more conflict in the world than any previous religious or political issues have ever been able to do.

Monday, January 20, 2003

First of all, way to go Doug. I think that it was a wise decision to have Sherry Peel Jackson go on the radio in your stead. I wish that there was a way of hearing it. Maybe you should record it and turn it into an mp3 file. Now that would be cool. I have an interview on tape of Gordon Philips on some Utah talk radio show. I wish that talk radio here in Seattle would have those kind of guests. Talk radio is about entertainment and 8 minute commercial breaks. Some of it can get us talking but most people never get mad enough to take action.

Well I read the link from Patrick on 9-11 being an "Inside Job." I am not convinced. It really came to the point, W is a shrub, stay out da bushes. It just sounds too much like Al Sharpton. I do believe that this VoxNYC guy is sincere. I just am not convinced. I did think that the Neil Bush / Scott Hinckley dinner connection was interesting. But in the end it came to the conclusion that the hijackers were puppets of the CIA. I would agree that it is very possible that a few doors were left open by inept PC agents. But this attack was not that hard to come up with. There is no reason why it would take the help of the CIA to plan and execute it. We were just blinded by our prosperity, arrogance and 8 years of a President that just wanted to be liked.

So I try to do a little research from the "Stranger than Fiction" article. And all I get is links to White Supremacist, Master Race, and David Duke crap. 9-11 was not planned by the Massad despite what some independent Palestinian news website says. And the "fake footage" of Palestinians dancing in the streets was not fake. I was on top of that at the time it happened. I know that in Pakistan that the average person, and one highly educated paki I was fwd an e-mail from said that it was the massad and the Palestinian footage was fake. That is crap. And when crap starts to become the basis of what is claimed to be truth, I have to pass over it. The other "connections" that link the bushes are of the same tainted water. No fact, lots of propaganda.

It does not take the "bush family crime syndicate" to start a war on terror. It takes fanatics that are dedicated to seeing us destroyed. The embassy bombings in Africa were not fake. So I really will not argue about it.

What Patrick, Doug and I have in common is a love of liberty and freedom. And we love to blog. From that basis I will consider them my brothers in this fight for freedom. We stand together, or we hang separately.

Friday, January 17, 2003

I will be taking the time to read Patrick's 9-11 links this weekend. It should prove interesting. Patrick has been doing some great additions in the way library links. From someone that loves to read E-documents, thanks you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

This is a great story.

Patrick took my challenge in good faith. He is a seeker of truth, wherever that truth may lay. His website is a true blog. Fresh with new links everyday, wit and commentary to boot.

I am torn. For years I saw myself as a conservative. But I am finding that the truth is not an easy thing to digest. I wish that it was as easy as Right vs. Left, Repub vs. Demo. It seems that history isnot what I thought it was. How far from what I was taught is the truth? Where it gets hard for me is when a conspiracy theory rings true. Unlike Doug I belive that we did land on the moon. We had the talent and means to accomplish it. I dont feel the need to argue about it. Was 9-11 an inside job? If you count the fact that we were disarmed by political correctness to the point that we would feel guilty about questioning 19 hijackers because they gave you a gut feeling that they were up to no good, than yes. We were set up! But there are those within and without our country that seek to destroy us. There are those that would say that we deserve to die as a nation. I say that now is the time to rise up and be men of valor.

But this is where I am torn. There are complete wussy men that say we should not fight because war at anytime is wrong. But then you have guys like Patrick that would fight and die to defend freedom but also say that we should not fight against Iraq because it is not in our nations interest. I was convinced that we need to take out Iraq. I am wavering. But I have never been afraid to question. So question I will.

So that brings me to the question of, how does one one that has never pierced the veil of false reality not look at us and think that we are mad? I want everyone to wake up. But how? We are so comfortable. So why question?

Saturday, January 11, 2003

I was talking with a good friend last night about all kinds of stuff. Mainly how to make our paychecks go further. We are living the american dream. We work and our wives get to stay home and and be wives. Just ask our wives what their choice would be. They love staying home. What is hard is that the IRS takes so much. My friend and I (lets call him Fred), Fred has a different view on taxes. He just hates Social Security because he knows that it is a fraud. He said that he would rather that the IRS take what it does now but call it all income tax. I feel the same that Social Security is a fraud. I now know that there is no law requiring me to participate. After all, I am a citizen of the one of the United States of America. Look up the law, not some IRS puplication that has not legal effect. Speaking of an IRS Puplication, I was reading puplication 15 Circular E the other day. It had this great graph that showed who had to pay what. They will tell you that some employees of states do not need to pay Social Security, also Railroad workers. But than one caught my eye. It was Resident Alien. And do you know what it said? it said "Same as U.S. Citizen". So I tried to find U.S. Citizen, and it was nowhere to be found in this booklet. Why woudnt they include a line for that? Why not just say it? Say it IN WRITTING! Because you cant! Because we know the truth. And we will not shut up! I will deny you the means to terrorize myself and my family.

I love that last scene from the Matrix where Neo says that he is going to show these people a live without you. That is what I will live and my children will wonder why anyone would need a number to live and work in a free society. I was reading about the INS and their inability to track down more than 300,000 illeagle immigrants who were ordered deported after 9-11. 5,000 of which come from al-Qa'ida controlled regions. So why is it that I would need to turn in anything to the INS? I am a citizen of this nation. The INS has no jurisdiction over me. Get over it.

So on to other things. I have been reading Patrick's blog. "Death always to tyrants" nice. I have noticed that he seems to include content that could be labeled pro-palistinian / anti-israeli. A heads up, that quote from Ariel Sharon is not real. I looked at that link for the maps. I felt that it failed to show the truth of the situation. But we never agree with everyone all the time. I welcome the debate. Bring it on.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Sounds like doug has some more fight in him :) Keep on keepin on. Making some changes to the site. Need to update my freedom blogroll to include the new guy, Patrick. He has a great look on his site. I would say that he is not a newbie to the blogosphere. But annonimity has its advantages. That's why I started this blog. So that I could say whatever was on my mind and Big Brother wouldnt show up at my house.