Thursday, December 16, 2004

Freedom in captivity

Hello all. Yes it has been some time. I don’t post very often but for some reason people still visit here. So just to warn you, if I haven’t written for a while my thoughts tend to bottleneck, but I must pontificate anyway. I still have visitors from IRS and Justice IP addresses. The truth is that I have thrown in the towel on “tax avoidance” for now. I need to clarify what I mean by “tax avoidance”. It is my desire to live as an upstanding member of the community, to be known as a man of integrity. But amazingly that is what got Dick Simkanin sent to Federal prison. So I will acknowledge that I am a slave in some respects. I will do what massa says. You see, my massa lets me do many things. (ok, I will stop with the massa bit because it is just us. But massa don like it when I sound intelligent) You see, I have an earthly master, and a heavenly Father. The earthly master has not been true to the covenant that established his authority, he has become a tyrant. Do not assume that you understand what a tyrant is. It is foundational to what we are discussing here. And don’t just rely on Thomas Paine. I have come to the conclusion that Thomas Paine was the Michael Moore of his time. He was aligned much more closely to the French revolution than with the American war for independence. He is also the father of our modern social security system. It was his idea. Don’t you think it’s working out nicely for the cause of freedom and liberty?

If you want to know what The War for Independence was about, try reading Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos; A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants. It was much more influential than Common Sense. I wonder why it is not even mentioned in government schools or most colleges and universities.

So my earthy master who is not even a rightful one does not like it when someone tries to walk in truth. In fact you can into a heap of trouble over it. So you got to be wise. Jesus said “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

So I am going to wait to fight and focus on raising my children. Each of us has a different role in the fight. I feel that my role is to enable my children to walk in truth. Joe Banister is fighting the good fight. David Champion is fighting the good fight. One might be in jail for a long time; the other is staying right behind his microphone every Saturday. I am not worried. I know that God is in control. I think that where the Tax Honesty movement misses it is that they what it to be over now. This nation didn’t just come into being, it was the fruit of the reformation of the church. Our fight for freedom is more than taxes, it has to have a multigenerational focus. Joe Banister’s organization was called Freedom Above Fortune. But many who call themselves patriots have put freedom above family, freedom above fidelity, freedom above faith in God.

So I recognize my slavery, but I also recognize my Deliverer. It ain’t over. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

An Alternative CPI?

This is something I have been pondering for a few months. What is the real rate of inflation? I mean for an average family just trying to get ahead. If I wasn’t paying Social Security taxes I could buy health insurance for my family. It’s almost exactly the same amount. But they would rather “give” me heath insurance for my family and me be very thankful for it.

Claire Wolfe points out a few articles of interest,

An Alternative Inflation Index

He makes a great point about housing costs. Read the whole thing, it’s worth it.

I like to use the What’s a dollar worth? from the Fed.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Kerry abortion cartoon

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

9/11 Commission Blames Itself for 9/11

â??Following four days of closed door deliberations, the
National 9/11 Commission issued a statement Monday, concluding that if
it had existed, the terrorist attack could have been avoided easily.
"Just look at our commission's title," said commission chair Thomas
Kean. "Knowing that date before the attack would have focused our
investigation greatly."

The 10 bipartisan commissioners have attempted to elicit answers from
the panel of former senior Clinton and current Bush administration
officials regarding what the United States did to counter al-Qaida
before the 9/11 attacks. "Our interviews have given us such a clear
picture of the pre-attack situation that we alone could have avoided
the attacks," said vice chair Lee Hamilton. "We bear a heavy
responsibility for that, and we apologize to
After interviewing Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Richard Clarke,
George Tenet, and others, the commission statement concludes, "Those
poor people knew nothing. We wasted too much time on subjunctives,
even though subjunctives are supposed to sidestep time."
The commission has closed its work and determined to spend its time
investigating the next major terrorist attack. "We will be changing
our commission name to a future date so as to be much more effective
in fighting terrorism. We're all future tense this time around," said
Kean. "Yeah, this time," said Hamilton. President Bush was pleased
with the report but expressed quiet confusion.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Tax Season Update 2004


I am amazed of how much has changed in my life over the last 3 years. Once I started to investigate what the law actually says, I have tried to live freedom. It didn't happen until after I was married, supporting my wife and had our son on the way. I wanted to stand on principle and refuse to allow a portion of my property to be taken from me against my will. But in order to do that I would have to quit my job. Not an option for me at that time.

Tax season update.
in this blog I attempt to shine the light of truth on various subjects, of which taxes tend to be rather prominent. I hope that you don't think that I live perfectly in this area. I am currently working towards living free as a nontaxpayer, but right now I still am signing a W4 so that I can work to provide for my family. My family is my first priority. There is nothing wrong with living in the wilderness for a season on the journey to the "promised land". God has blessed us and is continuing to bless us.

Where I am refusing to budge in principle is getting a Social Security Number for my son. I just won't do it.

So this year we decided to go ahead and file the 1040 form. When we got our return it had been changed by the IRS and the deduction for my son had been disallowed. I was of the understanding that they would allow me to claim him even without a number, I was wrong. We are a family of 3, with another baby on the way before this year is over, living on less than $26,000 a year. My wife stays home, our food and rent are paid for. We give 5 times more to charity than John Kerry in a non-election year. But the IRS will not allow me to claim a standard deduction for my son. So instead of getting around $3000 back like many familys I know, jack squat.

I pay more in Social Security taxes than I do for groceries every month. Just something to think about.

If I got my provision from another source than a job it would be much easier to follow the law and take home 100% of what I make.

Job = Indentured Servitude ?

I think that a better analogy would be

Paycheck mentality = Slave mentality

Thursday, July 15, 2004

No time for updates

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but my time on line has shrunk a
bit. I probably get about 20 minutes a day on the Internet and about
18 of that is reading Vox Day, lets face it, he is my Dan Rather. Did
I just say that? Well, he brings me the news that is worth reading.

SNL runner up for me by the way would be John Goodman.

I had a tax season update for you that I still haven't finished, I
will get that up this week. Also I need to tell you why I am choosing
to endorse Michael A. Peroutka instead of Michael Badnarik for