Saturday, January 11, 2003

I was talking with a good friend last night about all kinds of stuff. Mainly how to make our paychecks go further. We are living the american dream. We work and our wives get to stay home and and be wives. Just ask our wives what their choice would be. They love staying home. What is hard is that the IRS takes so much. My friend and I (lets call him Fred), Fred has a different view on taxes. He just hates Social Security because he knows that it is a fraud. He said that he would rather that the IRS take what it does now but call it all income tax. I feel the same that Social Security is a fraud. I now know that there is no law requiring me to participate. After all, I am a citizen of the one of the United States of America. Look up the law, not some IRS puplication that has not legal effect. Speaking of an IRS Puplication, I was reading puplication 15 Circular E the other day. It had this great graph that showed who had to pay what. They will tell you that some employees of states do not need to pay Social Security, also Railroad workers. But than one caught my eye. It was Resident Alien. And do you know what it said? it said "Same as U.S. Citizen". So I tried to find U.S. Citizen, and it was nowhere to be found in this booklet. Why woudnt they include a line for that? Why not just say it? Say it IN WRITTING! Because you cant! Because we know the truth. And we will not shut up! I will deny you the means to terrorize myself and my family.

I love that last scene from the Matrix where Neo says that he is going to show these people a live without you. That is what I will live and my children will wonder why anyone would need a number to live and work in a free society. I was reading about the INS and their inability to track down more than 300,000 illeagle immigrants who were ordered deported after 9-11. 5,000 of which come from al-Qa'ida controlled regions. So why is it that I would need to turn in anything to the INS? I am a citizen of this nation. The INS has no jurisdiction over me. Get over it.

So on to other things. I have been reading Patrick's blog. "Death always to tyrants" nice. I have noticed that he seems to include content that could be labeled pro-palistinian / anti-israeli. A heads up, that quote from Ariel Sharon is not real. I looked at that link for the maps. I felt that it failed to show the truth of the situation. But we never agree with everyone all the time. I welcome the debate. Bring it on.