Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I do want to admit that I belive that there is more going on than Islamic Terrorism. Here is something taken from Rick Joyner concerning the 11-12-02 plane crash in New York.

Let me share with you what I know spiritually about the crash of the American Airlines flight last Monday. It was not an accident–it was sabotage. Bob Jones dreamed the night before it happened that someone was servicing the hydraulics of a plane and put some kind of explosive liquid in it. He saw them doing this in a reservoir near the engine, and then wiped it off so it would not be discovered. He then saw in this dream something like a piston pushing into a line that caused an explosion, which blew the engine off. Bob knows nothing about aircraft hydraulics, but on every jet engine I have studied in my aviation career, the hydraulic reservoir was on or near the engine.

Yes, I did try to call the FBI, but when the agent heard that my information was based on a dream, she understandably did not want to hear anymore. Bob and I, as well as a number of other prophetic people, had felt a tremendous burden for November 11 (11/11) or Veteran's day. Even so, the American Airlines tragedy last Monday did not relieve the grieving or mourning that we still feel in the Spirit. We both feel that a major attack is still coming against our military, especially the Navy.

The saboteur that Bob saw filling the hydraulic reservoir with the explosive liquid was not a Muslim. Bob could not tell for sure who it was, but felt that he was either a copycat terrorist, or a disgruntled employee. This to me highlights something that we need to understand–the war that we are now in is bigger than Islam. We are not warring against flesh and blood at allÑwe are warring against the spirit of fear that is seeking to impart paranoia to the whole world.This will ultimately release far more conflict in the world than any previous religious or political issues have ever been able to do.