Sunday, January 26, 2003

Due too a lack of web access I will not be able to respond to everything that I would like to. I guess the cool thing is that not all blogs have to be the same. One of the weaknesses that I have is wanting to change people to my way of thinking. I want to argue and convince, come to an understanding. Come together as people. Put when I try to bend people to my way of thinking it is a sign that I am working out on my own strength and not allowing the Lord to work through me. I don't have everything figured out. I want to listen more than I speak. And I want to read history, from the people to that made history. And recognise the good that has been done, as well as the bad. There are always the extremes. Anarchy vs. Totalitarianism. Both are bad. We have made mistakes as a nation. We have also accomplished much good. We are stinking filthy rich. Even with our unjust tax system. Doug asked if I think that we need to keep everyone out. Well considering that we have murdered 40 million babies in their mother's wombs since Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, we need more workers to keep a healthy economy. I think that if we changed our welfare system so that we didnt just give anyone money for showing up, we would have a more responsible system. You see, people just want to give their kids a better life. And if a 35 year old mexican father is willing to work in our country and respect our way of life, we can afford to give him that opportunity. We are strong enough. There is freedom to work here. Freedom as long as you are willing to pay a tribute to the IRS. Doug still pays a tribute. It's what they withold for Social Security and Medicare. Being a single guy the IRS goes after a higher portion of his pay for income tax. It's a shame that he is forced to sign that W4. I still am in the system 100% but on the inside I am waiting for my shot at freedom. I will not claim to be Exempt. Because as I see it, that would be wrong. I have a wife to provide for. I pay more in Social Security and Medicare than I do in Income tax. But one day I will be free. At least my kids will be free. Starting fresh with no SSN. If that is as far as I get to freedom, that would be enough. When our country practiced slavery against the Negro man, a slave had no hope of freedom for his children. Thank God that we have done away with such an evil system.