Thursday, December 19, 2002

So how do I become free? I have much freedom but I believe that there is more for my family and me. Freedom to not have to rely on the gov for things that God has given us the ability to produce.

I am going to be using this analogy of slavery. I need to qualify that with the statement that we are not slaves in the same sense. But our minds have a slave mentality.

In the time of slavery, black men walking down the road in a slave state could be stopped by any white man and told to show their papers. For a freedman it would be his papers of emancipation, for a slave it would be papers from his master showing that he had permission to be there. Now remember, white men did not ever need to carry papers of any kind. The burden of proof was always on the black man. Frederick tells that a group of ruffians had been known to arrest a freeman, ask to see his papers, and upon the showing of his papers, the ruffians would tear up his papers and sell him to a life of slavery. How awful! My point is that he was never really free while in a slave state. You are not free as long as you can be taken against your will and your possessions seized. So how do you find protection against the IRS? It is not by using their forms and still using their number. I am starting to believe that the only way to true freedom would be to run away, to a free state.

"Free your mind!" - Morpheous

Run away. Freedom is after all our birthright as Americans. So run away from the slave system. How can you be free as long as you still identify with the "name" that they have given to you? I am talking about the SSN that was assigned to you by them. It is not my number. Nor is it yours. You are a free man. So live free. Does the thought of running away frighten you? It sure does frighten me. If I try to run away I just might get clobbered over the head. I have a family to provide for. My son will be born in a free state, with no numeric identifier. Yet I still have one. Does that make me less of a man? Not in God's eyes. He sees that I am taking the information I have received and being faithful with it. Truth demands action and act I will, but not out of frustration or haste. Like a seed that was planted, it is growing and I am feeding it. One day I will run to freedom and the IRS will say, "what ever happened to Christian Bowman?" I will be nowhere to be found, for I will have run far away to my freedom. I am thankful to live in this great land. Where I can make the choice to lay down my ignorance and choose complete freedom. Thank you Lord for all of your blessings! A beautiful Proverbs 31 wife, a roof over my head, transportation, a job that provides for my family, a great church, and great friends and family.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

"A wise man will keep his suspicions muzzled, but he will keep them awake."
--George Savile, Marquess de Halifax

This quote was taken from today's edition of The Federalist. I have not been able to keep up on must of the articles and blogs for some time now. So I have been pouring over other sources of information. Perspective is so important. Without it we only look at ourselves and our situations. Saying that, here are some thoughts that I wrote down last week reguarding slavery.

Some would say that we are slaves to the government and to the IRS. That is to simple of a way of putting it. For it is nothing close to the slavery of the black man in the early history of our nation. Our oppression is one of our own making, while they were stolen from their land or born into it. While there certanly are paralels, the cruelty is not even close. I am reading the Autobiography of Fredrick Douglass. As a result I have some thoughts. We choose our chains through ignorance. We elect our masters out of fear. For us, spiritual freedom and life has been bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. Those that fought for the freedom of our nation would call us to "lay aside the weight" of the chains we so quickly put on through our own actions. What is amazing about this whole thing is that in our efforts to "do the right thing" we are enabling a government to live in outright rebellion against the authority placed over it, the Constitution of the United States of America. By 'do the right thing" mean, pay taxes that you are not required to pay and fill out all paperwork that is given to you without question. Not ever going to the law, just relying on what a publication says or what an IRS employee says. Did you know that IRS employees are actually discouraged from reading and studying the law?

I am still reading, and it is a very good book. It's available online for free so what is your excuse? I am at page 177 in Chapter XX (20). Frederick is not yet free. I have no question that I have freedom and yet am still not competly free of the chains of economic theft. I could quit my job, but that would place my family without a home. So I will continue working at my present job that God has given to me, and I will still make more money even with this theft than 98% of the world's population. But one day I will be free from socialism, and my children will never have to be numbered with a SSN. It is for them that I continue to search for the answers and fight.

I am still here and I am still learning about how to be free. Still reading the Frederick Douglass autobiography. Doug is still hanging in there but Gordon Phillips of has given up. He says the the Fair tax is comming so what is the point? Sounds like he is pissed at Devvy and Bob Schulz. He is bitter. I never want to be that way. What Would Jesus Do? I like the old Gordon Phillips better. Read this great statement from who knows how long ago