Friday, September 27, 2002

I am gone for the weekend, See you freedom bloggers later.

I am about halfway through 1984. For my drive home and to work I am listening to a book on CD. It is Rich Dad's Retire Young, Retire Rich : How to Get Rich Quickly and Stay Rich Forever!. Ok, that will blow your mind. Great stuff on 3 CDs. I might even miss the FFA confernce call on monday nights drive home.... nah :)

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Hey, I am allowed to have short entries too.

Prince Charles Blasts Political Correctness

Take away fox hunting and it starts to hurt a little.

Elaine pointed out this great article by Devvy Kidd. Now there is someone I would like to see start a blog. It would be easy for her. (thats easy for me to say :) Well I like her and always look fwd to what comes form her pen.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

The truth is that the masterpiece conspiracy is being played out by our enemy, our adversary. And he plays us like puppets. How you ask? He entices us with whatever we want. For some he uses greed, others fear. Still others he will use pride (that's what he gets me with).

Human nature is so predictable, and he knows us all to well. He knew just what to say to eve. He knows just what to say to you and I.

So I look at our current system of taxation, and what it protects and what it tries to destroy. My point is that you can see the hands of the enemy on every part.

As the power of government grows, the enemy infects the system to do his own will. People who would place their trust in God, trust in government to take care of them if anything fails. And it protects its own interest.

In Seattle they passed this big housing levy. In the picture on the paper you see all of the liberal democrats. So who are the people getting very cheap housing because of the levy going to vote for? The big democrats. So what do republicans do? The same thing. Its all about getting and preserving power. How much pork can they bring home? But at least the republicans will appoint judges that are more right thinking than the dems.

I am reading 1984 for the first time. Are we going there?

n 1: a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)
2: the principle of complete and unrestricted power in government

n 1: a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)
2: dominance through threat of punishment and violence

Where would it end? I think that the enemy wants it to end with complete servitude to the state and a renouncing of God. Right now we are somewhere in between. Things are in place to take us to that next level. We renounce God by declaring dependence on the state. Well I choose to declare dependence on God!

I had a dream when I was in the second grade. That the Mark of the Beast was sent out by mail and that most of the kids in my class had taken the Mark. I can still remember the feeling that it was too late for them. I remember getting my first Visa Debit card in 1992. It would take the money right out of my checking account. How convenient. I hesitated getting it because I felt it would be another step towards a cashless society. At the time I was a firm believer that the Tribulation was just around the corner. Well how I look at end times prophecy has greatly changed since then. I don't buy into the formulas like I used to. My view on the rapture is that I cant find it in the Bible. If Christians would stop looking to fly away and start standing for what is right and passing a godly inheritance to their grandchildren, they would see that it is very important to hold the line on freedom. The enemy never takes breaks. Being a good steward of God's money does not include donating 50% to an immoral bloated bureaucracy. More to come later.

In reading 1984 I am so glad that I have the right to keep a journal. And I can share it online. The power of the blog goes only as far as people will identify with me and band together. I love it. It is the freedom to stand together that we still have. A blog that never gets updated will draw no readership. I read Doug's blog not because I agree with him on everything, but because he is in the middle of defying the IRS. I will learn from his mistakes, just as I hope you will learn from mine. None of us are perfect, but together we are strong. We have many freedoms that must be exercised if we want to keep them.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

As a bachelor, as a single man, my thoughts revolved around the fact that one day I would be married and one day I would have kids. By seeing it in the future as a kind of dream, I would miss the reality of what it would be like. I still don’t know what the reality of being a father will be like, but it is coming hard and fast.

Highlights of single life would include that cool movie that was coming out next week. Or a really good meal at Chilies or Claim Jumpers. That awesome new video game, hours that I would waste on things that mean nothing. Everything revolved around immediate gratification. Nothing being saved for the future.

Now all of my priorities seem to have changed, gone are the video games, spending time with my wife is what I do when I am not driving or working. And from there we do things together.

We had fun at the fair on Saturday. We must have been crazy to wait until the last weekend but I didn’t want to miss it. After some creativity and God's blessing, we only spent $20 and had what we wanted. Scones, Myers burger, pictures in the booth. The Draft Horse expedition was fun. I liked it but had I been there by myself I would have skipped it. All that to say, I got to have a blast with my best friend.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Hunters, farmers throng London in record demonstration

Check out this rally for "Liberty and Livelihood" in London.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Ok, I like it. I will do some more tweaking. But I like it so far.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

As you can see I am making some changes to the layout of the site. Not as easy as it looks.

It is hard to take in all of the info that is available on the subject of freedom. I am trying to take it in without going nuts.

1. Dont believe everything you read on the internet.

2. As I walk down this road there is only one thing on which I can rely. God. His Word. His Son. His Spirit.

3. Truth is something that must be pursued. You have got to be willing to dig. Once found, you must make decisions based on that info.

4. You are responsible for what you have been given. Like it or not, God judges each of us on how we use what we have. We cannot claim ignorance.


I loved this article. Take a listen.



September 16, 2002

We tell ourselves that in America we are the Free People. I wonder whether we might not better be called the Obedient People, the Passive People, or the Admonished People. I doubt that any country, anywhere, has been so regulated, controlled, and directed as we are. We are bred to obey. And obey we do.

It begins with the sheer volume of law, rules, and administrative duties. Most of the regulation makes sense in isolation, or can be made plausible. Yet there is so much of it. Used to be if you wanted a dog, you got a dog. It wasn’t really the government’s business. Today you need a dog license, a shot card for the dog, a collar and tags, proof that the poor beast has been neutered, and you have to keep it on a leash and walk it only in designated places. It’s all so we don’t get rabies.

Or consider cars. You have to have a title, insurance, and keep it up to date; tags, country sticker, inspection sticker, emissions test. Depending where you are, you can’t have chips in the windshield, and you need a zoned parking permit. You have to wear a seatbelt. And of course there are unending traffic laws. You can get a ticket for virtually anything, usually without knowing that you were doing anything wrong. Then there’s paperwork. If you have a couple of daughters with college funds in the stock market, annually you have to fill out three sets of federal taxes, three sets of state, and file four state and four
federal estimated tax forms, per person, for a total of twenty-four. This doesn’t include personal property taxes for the country, business licenses, tangible business-assets forms, and so on.

Now, I’m not suggesting that all these laws are bad. Stupid, frequently, but evil, no. Stopping at traffic lights is probably a good idea, and certainly is if I’m crossing the street. But the laws never end. Bring a doughnut on the subway, and you get arrested. Don’t replace your windows without permission in writing from the condo association. Nothing is too trivial to be regulated. Nothing is not some government’s business.

I wonder whether the habit of constant obedience to infinitely numerous rules doesn’t inculcate a tendency to obey any rule at all. By having every aspect of one’s life regulated in detail, does one not become accustomed to detailed regulation? That is, detailed obedience? For many it may be hard to remember freer times. Yet they existed. In 1964, when I graduated from high school in rural Virginia, there were speed limits, but nobody much enforced them, or much obeyed them. If you wanted to fish, you needed a pole, not a license. You fished where you wanted, not in designated fishing zones. If you wanted to carry your
rifle to the bean field to shoot whistle pigs, you just did it. You didn’t need a license and nobody got upset.

To buy a shotgun in the country store, you needed money, not a background check, waiting period, proof of age, certificate of training, and a registration form. If your tail light burned out, then you only had one tail light. If you wanted to park on a back road with your girl friend, the cops, all both of them, didn’t care. If you wanted to swim in the creek, you didn’t need a Coast Guard approved life jacket. It felt different. You lived in the world as you found it, and behaved because you were supposed to, but you didn’t feel as though you were in a white-collar prison. And if anybody had asked us, we would have said that the freedom was worth more to us than any slightly greater protection against rabies, thank you. Which nobody ever got anyway.

Today, the Mommy State never leaves off protecting us from things I’d just as soon not be protected from. We must wear a helmet on a motorcycle: Kevorkian can kill us, but we cannot kill ourselves. Why is it Mommy Government’s business whether I wear a helmet? In fact I do wear one, but it should be my decision.

And so it goes from administrative minutiae (emissions inspections) to gooberish Mommyknowsbestism ('Wea-a-ar your lifejacket, Johnny!') to important moral decisions. Obey in small things, obey in large things. You must hire the correct proportion of this and that ethnic group, watch your sex balance, prove that you have the proper attitude toward homosexuals. You must let your children be politically indoctrinated in appropriate values, must let your daughter get an abortion without telling you, must accept affirmative action no matter how morally repugnant you find it.

And we do. We are the obedient people.

As the regulation of our behavior becomes more pervasive, so does the mechanism of enforcement grow more nearly omnipresent. In Washington, if you eat on the subway, they really will put you in handcuffs, as they recently did to a girl of twelve. In 1964 in King George County, the cop would have said, 'Sally, stop that.' Arresting a child for sucking on a sourball would never have entered a state trooper’s mind.

Which brings us to an ominous observation. America is absolutely capable of totalitarianism. It won’t be the jackbooted Variety, but rather a peculiarly mindless, bureaucratic insistence on conformity. What we call political correctness is an American approach to political control.

Our backdoor totalitarianism has the added charm of being crazy. Think about it. Confiscating nail clippers at security gates, arresting the eating girl on the subway, the confiscation from an aging general of his Congressional Medal of Honor because it had points, the countless ejections from school of little boys for drawing soldiers of the Trade Centers in flames, playing cowboys and Indians, for pointing a chicken finger and saying 'Bang.'

This isn’t intelligent authoritarianism aimed at purposeful if disagreeable ends. It is the behavior of petty and stupid people, of minor minds over-empowered, ignorant, but angry and charmed to find that they can push others around. It is the exercise of power by people who have no business having any.

And we obey. We are the obedient people.


Friday, September 13, 2002

Step right up and get your National ID CARD! If you dont have one you just might be a terroist.

"Like a splinter in your mind driving you mad."
- Morphous from The Matrix -

Are you mad? A little ticked off? There are so many things that are off.

So I have wondered why it is that the Supreme Court cant figure out that a baby in the mother's womb is alive. And that to kill it would be wrong.

They rule that a woman has the right to kill the child growing inside of her. Well why dont we just put in Judges that are not idiots? We just cant do that. They are appointed for life.

So what about when an opening comes up? There is no such thing as an opening in the court. When I was in DC two years ago I learned something while touring the capitol. The constitution does not say how many judges are to be on the court. The lady at the capitol said that they have over time found out that seven was a good number. So even when there is less than seven, when the president appoints someone to fill the role, it is blocked by the senate unless that person holds the same perverted view of how the to interpret the constitution. How did we get here?

So today I read this great link on the missing 13th ammendment. Thanks to Elaine

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Thanks to a heads up from Doug, I am looking at We The People Congress in a new light. That we have a problem in this country is no question. How we fix it raises many questions. We must work together.

Also I started reading from Elaine. What a great lady!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

I woke up this morning at 4:30am. Not sure what I was dreamingabout but it made me want to do something, not just go back to bed. So I started reading from Devvy Kidd's site about solutions. I started right at the point of George Washington's vision. This is the first time I had read the vision given to the Father of our country.

Amazing stuff,

Remembering how great it was to read George Washington's prayer journal, I wondered why I couldnt do a prayer Journal online as a blog. But not for everyone to read. In my search for truth and falling into what I have learned about the nature of our present government, I need the guidence of the Holy Spirit to keep me from going nuts and falling into absolute crazyness.

I also downloaded the The Declaration of Arbroath, 1320

Devvy also pointed me that way from this great article "Do Americans Really Have the Stomach for Freedom?"

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I started reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine last night.

As a parent that sees home schooling as the best option for my children, I loved this from Doug.

A possible future that I could imagine is where kids don't go to public schools. They read and study on the computer at home, learning from the greatest success teachers in the world who blog for them on a daily basis. They play with the other kids in the neighborhood and with their brothers and sisters. Their parents are successful intelligent and free. What a country.

I can see some idiot saying you can't home school your own children. It is up to me to teach your children. To this idiot I would say "Sir, you are an idiot." And then I would call my young son over and tell my young son whom had been home schooled, "Son, I would like you to meet this idiot standing here. He thinks that you are not getting a good enough 'education' here at home. Why don't you politely ask Mr. Idiot a few simple questions and let him show us how smart he is and all the good things he could teach you?"

My son would say, "Mr. Idiot, did the Founding Fathers of America intend for this great country to be a Democracy or a Republic?" Mr. Idiot would say, "Why of course a Democracy young man." And my son would say "Mr. Idiot, you are an idiot and I choose not to go to your school. Thank you for stopping by. Now I've got to go clean my gun. Have a nice day."