Monday, January 20, 2003

First of all, way to go Doug. I think that it was a wise decision to have Sherry Peel Jackson go on the radio in your stead. I wish that there was a way of hearing it. Maybe you should record it and turn it into an mp3 file. Now that would be cool. I have an interview on tape of Gordon Philips on some Utah talk radio show. I wish that talk radio here in Seattle would have those kind of guests. Talk radio is about entertainment and 8 minute commercial breaks. Some of it can get us talking but most people never get mad enough to take action.

Well I read the link from Patrick on 9-11 being an "Inside Job." I am not convinced. It really came to the point, W is a shrub, stay out da bushes. It just sounds too much like Al Sharpton. I do believe that this VoxNYC guy is sincere. I just am not convinced. I did think that the Neil Bush / Scott Hinckley dinner connection was interesting. But in the end it came to the conclusion that the hijackers were puppets of the CIA. I would agree that it is very possible that a few doors were left open by inept PC agents. But this attack was not that hard to come up with. There is no reason why it would take the help of the CIA to plan and execute it. We were just blinded by our prosperity, arrogance and 8 years of a President that just wanted to be liked.

So I try to do a little research from the "Stranger than Fiction" article. And all I get is links to White Supremacist, Master Race, and David Duke crap. 9-11 was not planned by the Massad despite what some independent Palestinian news website says. And the "fake footage" of Palestinians dancing in the streets was not fake. I was on top of that at the time it happened. I know that in Pakistan that the average person, and one highly educated paki I was fwd an e-mail from said that it was the massad and the Palestinian footage was fake. That is crap. And when crap starts to become the basis of what is claimed to be truth, I have to pass over it. The other "connections" that link the bushes are of the same tainted water. No fact, lots of propaganda.

It does not take the "bush family crime syndicate" to start a war on terror. It takes fanatics that are dedicated to seeing us destroyed. The embassy bombings in Africa were not fake. So I really will not argue about it.

What Patrick, Doug and I have in common is a love of liberty and freedom. And we love to blog. From that basis I will consider them my brothers in this fight for freedom. We stand together, or we hang separately.