Thursday, January 23, 2003

I need to point out something here. I disagree with Patrick on this. His news source at WRH is a little jumpy. It is called having a theme for a speech. The banner was there to show the theme which was "Strengthening America's Economy." Is that a good thing? Yes. Did you hear what he said? I will read the speach tonight and get back to you if it was on target. This was on the cover of the NY Times this morning. Thats where I saw it.

The tape was on the boxes in front.

WRH is showing thier lack of rational thought when they make statements like this.

"Take a close look at the box in this photo. See how the "Made in USA" is level even though the box is not? The suggests that the "Made in USA" labels were added electronically, using the same system that places targeted advertising onto TV images of stadium walls during televised sporting events."

I really need to quite my job so that I can blog all day long.