Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Patrick took my challenge in good faith. He is a seeker of truth, wherever that truth may lay. His website is a true blog. Fresh with new links everyday, wit and commentary to boot.

I am torn. For years I saw myself as a conservative. But I am finding that the truth is not an easy thing to digest. I wish that it was as easy as Right vs. Left, Repub vs. Demo. It seems that history isnot what I thought it was. How far from what I was taught is the truth? Where it gets hard for me is when a conspiracy theory rings true. Unlike Doug I belive that we did land on the moon. We had the talent and means to accomplish it. I dont feel the need to argue about it. Was 9-11 an inside job? If you count the fact that we were disarmed by political correctness to the point that we would feel guilty about questioning 19 hijackers because they gave you a gut feeling that they were up to no good, than yes. We were set up! But there are those within and without our country that seek to destroy us. There are those that would say that we deserve to die as a nation. I say that now is the time to rise up and be men of valor.

But this is where I am torn. There are complete wussy men that say we should not fight because war at anytime is wrong. But then you have guys like Patrick that would fight and die to defend freedom but also say that we should not fight against Iraq because it is not in our nations interest. I was convinced that we need to take out Iraq. I am wavering. But I have never been afraid to question. So question I will.

So that brings me to the question of, how does one one that has never pierced the veil of false reality not look at us and think that we are mad? I want everyone to wake up. But how? We are so comfortable. So why question?