Friday, September 13, 2002

"Like a splinter in your mind driving you mad."
- Morphous from The Matrix -

Are you mad? A little ticked off? There are so many things that are off.

So I have wondered why it is that the Supreme Court cant figure out that a baby in the mother's womb is alive. And that to kill it would be wrong.

They rule that a woman has the right to kill the child growing inside of her. Well why dont we just put in Judges that are not idiots? We just cant do that. They are appointed for life.

So what about when an opening comes up? There is no such thing as an opening in the court. When I was in DC two years ago I learned something while touring the capitol. The constitution does not say how many judges are to be on the court. The lady at the capitol said that they have over time found out that seven was a good number. So even when there is less than seven, when the president appoints someone to fill the role, it is blocked by the senate unless that person holds the same perverted view of how the to interpret the constitution. How did we get here?

So today I read this great link on the missing 13th ammendment. Thanks to Elaine