Wednesday, September 04, 2002

As a parent that sees home schooling as the best option for my children, I loved this from Doug.

A possible future that I could imagine is where kids don't go to public schools. They read and study on the computer at home, learning from the greatest success teachers in the world who blog for them on a daily basis. They play with the other kids in the neighborhood and with their brothers and sisters. Their parents are successful intelligent and free. What a country.

I can see some idiot saying you can't home school your own children. It is up to me to teach your children. To this idiot I would say "Sir, you are an idiot." And then I would call my young son over and tell my young son whom had been home schooled, "Son, I would like you to meet this idiot standing here. He thinks that you are not getting a good enough 'education' here at home. Why don't you politely ask Mr. Idiot a few simple questions and let him show us how smart he is and all the good things he could teach you?"

My son would say, "Mr. Idiot, did the Founding Fathers of America intend for this great country to be a Democracy or a Republic?" Mr. Idiot would say, "Why of course a Democracy young man." And my son would say "Mr. Idiot, you are an idiot and I choose not to go to your school. Thank you for stopping by. Now I've got to go clean my gun. Have a nice day."