Tuesday, September 24, 2002

As a bachelor, as a single man, my thoughts revolved around the fact that one day I would be married and one day I would have kids. By seeing it in the future as a kind of dream, I would miss the reality of what it would be like. I still don’t know what the reality of being a father will be like, but it is coming hard and fast.

Highlights of single life would include that cool movie that was coming out next week. Or a really good meal at Chilies or Claim Jumpers. That awesome new video game, hours that I would waste on things that mean nothing. Everything revolved around immediate gratification. Nothing being saved for the future.

Now all of my priorities seem to have changed, gone are the video games, spending time with my wife is what I do when I am not driving or working. And from there we do things together.

We had fun at the fair on Saturday. We must have been crazy to wait until the last weekend but I didn’t want to miss it. After some creativity and God's blessing, we only spent $20 and had what we wanted. Scones, Myers burger, pictures in the booth. The Draft Horse expedition was fun. I liked it but had I been there by myself I would have skipped it. All that to say, I got to have a blast with my best friend.