Friday, February 14, 2003

I am trying to make sense of the world. Trying to keep my head above water. The deeper that you get into this stuff the closer that you get to going off the deep end. The more that I learn, the more I know that I need to trust in God. So here is what I have been reading lately.

Ron Paul speech, We are all Democrats now.

This was a wonderful speech. He hits so many points dead on. But it is a long speech. Most of us just are not willing to take the time to read and learn. We live in a fast food / microwave meal society. Our children attend 12 years of school and never read the constitution once. We don’t read anything of depth. Our founding documents are not lost somewhere. They are on the internet available to anyone willing to go to a library. But we have no need to study them. They have no impact on us today do they? We don’t have time to read them. We are to busy with TV, video games, drugs, alcohol. It’s time to wake up. We are being taken out on all sides. The war on drugs erodes our freedom while the “Legalize Marijuana” crowd tell lies that it is all-natural to smoke pot. George Washington did grow hemp but it was a far cry from what is being sold to our kids today. Pot is addictive, just like porn and every other vice that is taking this nation to the pit. Where is the freedom? Freedom to put on the chains of drug abuse? That is not freedom. To live free requires sacrifice, not indulgence. In the words of Bob Dillon “You gotta serve somebody.”

I am also reading the latest edition of Whistleblower from WND, Taking America Back. I can’t put it down. I need to get the book by Joseph Farah. They are making some good points about what it will take to change this land.

Add in some Frederick Douglass. I am reading about what it was like just before the Civil War. That is were we are right now as a nation but there will not be a fight like that one, it would not be possible. We must fight this battle first on our knees.

Also read the transcript of the Liberty hour with Bob Shultz. That was awesome. I almost am willing to turn in an exempt W4. But that would not help. I only pay about $20 in income tax every two weeks. The killer is the FICA, over $80 every two weeks. That I will never see. I would not take an SSI check even if it were there for me. I will not charge my children for my retirement. But we do make it.

I heard a commercial for Irwin Schiff on the Mike Savage show Tuesday. Pay no income tax, because it’s the law. That is a dangerous thing to tell an audience of angry people who are fed up with the liberal agenda that we have followed this far.