Friday, February 21, 2003

Blogging is as nesesary as keeping a journal. That is if you live your life on the internet, you really need to have a blog just to keep track of what in the heck you read
or found
or made you think
or made you so angry that you just had to say something
or made you take action
or made you think about taking action but you really need to get back to watching that really funny TV show. That guy is so funny!

You see, tumbling down the rabbit hole can be a very dizzing process. This journal is a way to leave myself bread crumbs along the path for whomever might pass by. So much change, so little time.

So we seem to be going to war. I just pray that we go in with our eyes open. Listening to wise men who have paid a price like that of David Hackworth.

Here is someone that I read every week, Vox Day. Why? Here you go Doug, this one is for you. And this one too. It looks like he is a friend of Bob.

And I would not forget Patrick, here you go.

I hope that you both enjoy, I sure do.