Monday, November 03, 2003

Ok Vox, I am tracking with you buddy. I haven't had much time to read things on the internet this week but I have had many hours of hard manual labor. It leaves you exhausted but your mind has had time to think things through, dream about the possibilities.

I pray all the time for people in other countries. I have a longing for justice, that they could grasp the concept of freedom and also meet the Creator of the universe.

My heart aches for China, I hate totalitarianism. Have you heard the stories? Forced child labor, forced abortions, abortions if the baby is going to be a girl (girls are of no value).

People claim that if you just wait, China will come around, because of capitalism. Well Vox just spoke my mind about the Third Way that we are becoming and so is China. How quaint, here comes 1984. Not exactly but you have to admit that at this rate, how much longer do we need?

Free trade good, government control bad. Real free trade, not this perversion of NAFTA.

Go to the heart of the matters and clear your mind. Then ask yourself simple questions like,

What does the 2nd Amendment mean? (don't ask a lawyer, you answer)

wouldn't the 13th Amendment mean that I am a slave to no one? Not even government?

Actually when you look at the constitution, nothing good has been added since 1870. Name one of those amendments since 1870 that has helped us as a nation. I would love to hear your thoughts. The coments have been rather quiet. I know that not many people read this thing. Oh well, I really do it so that I can see how much I have changed later on, and also to keep track of all those links.