Thursday, October 30, 2003

Vox also points out some other hits by Farah. Farah does nail it in issues where the media refuses to state the obvious because of bias. Not liberal bias, PC bias, establishment bias. If I was a terrorist, there are so many things that could be done by one man to wreak havoc, and they could not be stopped by a homeland security dept. But they could be stopped by a people who are not afraid protect this nation. Ordinary citizens like you and me. The other day the thought went through my mind "What would I do if a sniper shot someone next to me in a parking lot?" I would assess the situation and start running toward and sideways but I would not run away. (see the Bourne Identity) Those DC snipers were relying on people being afraid, running away. I am unarmed, don't carry a weapon, but I would not let some coward rule my life. What if just 5 kids with a sense of justice carried a concealed handgun to school in Columbine? You would have a much different result there. These are my random thoughts.