Saturday, November 08, 2003

Allen Hacker got a little angry and let it out today. I am with you and I am not. Allen has some great wisdom about fighting for freedom, and then I feel he also misses it.

I just saw The Matrix 3, I loved it. Neo does what he has to. Niobe does what she has to. Everyone does what they have to, they make the choice. And while the are fighting for the same thing, freedom and peace, they don't do it in the same way. At times it appears that they are going in opposite directions, but they are fighting on the same side.

Allen, my point is that they go back into the matrix when they need to, for a purpose, to pull someone else out, to set just one more captive free. There are many in the grassroots of the republican party that are frustrated, on the verge of waking up to reality. Do not alienate them by calling them idiots. We all fight with what we have, don't fight with those that would stand beside you.

And don't tell me that I am part of the problem just because I am choosing to stay in the republican party. I am going back in for a purpose. Back me up the same as you would back up the guy fighting for the right to travel without a license.

I am going into dangerous territory, don't cut me off.