Thursday, August 14, 2003 Blog: Locus of Control: "'Here is what GK Chesterson had to say about the 'locus of control' during the Middle Ages, in his biography of Saint Thomas Aquinas: 'Nevertheless, there is a queer quality in that time; which, while it was international was also internal and intimate. War, in the wide modern sense, is possible, not because more men disagree, but because more men agree. Under the peculiarly modern coercions, such as Compulsory Education and Conscription, there are such very large peaceful areas, that they all can agree upon war. In that age men disagreed even about war; peace might breakout anywhere. Peace was interupted by feuds and feuds by pardons. Individuality wound in and out of a maze; spiritual extremes were walled up with one another in one little walled town; and we see the great soul of Dante divided, a cloven flame; loving and hating his own city.''"