Thursday, August 14, 2003

Silly kids, is this a parody or does it actually represent some kids actual perception of what this country was founded on?

U.S. History by William Goto

Once upon a time there where these people in Europe called Pilgrims and they were afraid of being persecuted. So they all got on a boat and sailed to the New World where they wouldn't have to be scared ever again. But as soon as they arrived they were greeted by savages and they were scared all over again. So they killed them all.
Now you'd think wiping out an entire race would calm them down, but no instead they began to get frightened by each other. They burned witches!
In 1775, they started killing the British so they could be free. And it worked but they still didn’t feel safe. So they passed a second amendment which said every white man could keep his gun. ...........................

The rest is worth reading.