Thursday, August 07, 2003

Read this about the Unfair Tax from Tim.

Here are my comments,

Can you see the danger?

It hard enough as it is to try to remove oneself from a system that requires a SSN to work. This tax would soak not only the rich, but also family's like mine that do not have SSN for our children. And on the principal that God has given us the ability to provide for our own family, I will not take a "prebate" check from the government because I refuse to "register" an a "taxpayer" because "Taxpayer" has a jurisdiction to the IRS attached to it. Look it up.

I just want to work and provide for my family. I dont want free cheese. I dont want free school lunch. I want to be thankful to God for providing for me. God is higher than gov. I will not look to the little g to provide what the big G has for me.

What is the position of a free American to be? Do free citizens make suplication to their government for relief? Or do they withhold authority from government over areas of their life that are none of governments buisness. That is a real question to ask. Over what areas of our life should government be able to govern us?

I would love to hear thoughts in the comments section.