Friday, July 18, 2003

Kim has asked for some comments reguarding national ID, and I couldnt resisit

National ID

We are currently working toward a de facto National ID now with the standardization of the state driver’s license. Once all fifty states are linked together into one searchable database you have your National ID card if you want to admit it or not. Add the soon coming RFID technology and an officer will be able to scan your license without you even taking it out of your wallet. Not having one could mean presumed guilt. What are you hiding? Why is your wallet lined with tin foil? But it would be much safer for police if they could order you to put you hands outside the window and check your ID while you are in the car with you hands up. If you did not obey they would have time to draw their gun and be ready for any attack.

While politicians may claim that they want to decrease illegal immigration, those that work in government enjoy feeling needed and will do nothing to deal with the real problems of immigration. A national ID would do nothing to change the mindset of such individuals.

Identity theft could be dealt with by changing the process that individuals obtain credit, but that might decrease consumer spending on credit and hurt the economy. An implantable chip would also help diminish identity theft.

Each state has to deal with their own election fraud, and California is in no hurry to take away the right of illegal immigrants to vote. And my state of Washington is the same way.

Wacko libertarians like Claire Wolfe argue against the numbering and tracking of individuals. I am prone to agree with her.

They might try to dangle the carrot of universal carry, but why do we need that? Why not just enforce the 2nd Amendment as written?