Monday, July 14, 2003

For the record I want to say that I support freedom for everyone, in every nation and of every race. It is not about America. We just have the most successful run at it so far.

In was listening to Bill Orielly discuss the situation of sending troops to Liberia, I was thinking about how freedom comes about. Not by just setting up a government. Freedom of religion work here in America because we have a foundation of recognizing that right. Also the recognition of respect for life, individual human rights granted by God. True they are slowly being taken away but we can still look at the founding documents to see them. And we can still read.

But look all over the world, Iraq for instance, no foundation of freedom, no recognition of the God given rights of the individual. Afghanistan, same thing. And there is also no attempt to bring an understanding of these concepts to any country.

There is no freeing of the mind. A democracy where slaves vote for who will be their master is not freedom. Is it better that the Iraqi people now live without Saddam? Sure, but you can not impose freedom on a populace that does not understand it. So where are we now? Good question, I am still praying about it. Any suggestions?