Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Right now I am the middle of reading the latest Bill Whittle essay, Trinity. Good stuff, I usually have to download these types of links to my palm pilot so I can read them whenever I can fit it in. I have too much work and living to do to sit behind a computer screen all day. It took me 3 days to get through Proactive Liberty again (thanks Allen). As I was reading today I was thinking about the power of the new media (that would be the individual), and what could the blog do for the next run for President. We can see what it is doing for Howard Dean. He has the big Mo going for him now because of the organizational structure of his blog and the use of Meet Up. If Dean and GW go head to head GW wins, no question.

But what about 2008? And I don't think that it would be out of line to shoot for just that. What percentage of Americans read blogs? What percentage of Americans even has a blog? If we are at over 1 million users, (sure they are not all Americans) where will we be in 2006? Really I am still a Republican. Why? Because I believe that if every liberty minded individual got active, as in actually attended the caucus and tried to be a delegate at the conventions (county, state and national) we could take over the debate and elect the next president. I do not believe that there is any way for a third party to win on a national scale. But imagine if you will, a Republican candidate for president that says "Social Security is a scam, the income tax is something that should have no place in the lives of a free American and 95% of what the Federal Government spends has no authorization in the Constitution. And another thing, if we want to export Freedom lets start with Mexico." And then you had all kinds of bloggers backing him up and pointing to why it makes sense and we were all doing the Meet up thing and inviting 2 friends that are not even into computers to get excited about this candidate we would see a Revolution.

Do you know how many people show up at a caucus? My first one they packed out this lady's house because we were there to take over. And we were all voting for Pat Robertson. Go ahead and laugh but it was my first taste of how the system actually works. But a typical caucus there are only about 9 people. There is no way that Pat would have won a national election. And you know what? There is no way that Neil Smith would win a national election either. That does not mean that he wouldn't do a great job. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have Neil Smith as the President? But it won't happen. But look at someone like Walter Williams. Articulate as all get out. I wish that he would host the Rush Limbaugh every day, or at least send out some e-mail alert whenever he is guest hosting.

But if we could get a blog committee together, something like Liberty Dogs, and start to rock, take over the Republican Party. The conservative base would totally be on our side. They are just as sick of taxes, but they think that they are legal. But so do people like Bill Whittle, Steven Green, Rachel Lucas, Walter Williams and Ron Paul. So lets get going. Maybe we can see our first blogging President, and it be someone that loves freedom and liberty.