Monday, June 30, 2003

What would it be like to live debt free? In our society today debt is part of life. This last christmas I remember being at a local department store and seeing a teenager apply for his first credit card. It was so he could buy jewelry for his girlfriend. How fitting I thought. He will probably not have paid it off by the time they break up. What is love if not gifts that are unpaid for. Love is sacrifice, not empty promises. But back onto the subject of living debt free. I want to live free of debt. All kinds of debt, even a mortgage. What kind of life would that be? I have a feeling that it would be very freeing. Debt is a burden, a burden that I am about to be released from. No I am not going to declare bankruptcy. I am for sure not going to "discharge" my debt using false "redemption" theorys comming out of some of the patriot camps. I had a revelation last year that God enables each one of us to pull our own weight. Did you know that two oxen that are yoked together can pull more than the same two if they were pulling together. That is why my family can live on my income alone as well as when I was a single man, working and spending every dime. My wife and I are a team and she is such a strength that we are making it. My son has a mom that spends all day with him. You can not put a price on that. Living by principals. Saying one thing, and living that same way. We are blessed. Well debt is about to be a thing that we leave behind. Making some hard choices but it is worth every pain. In fact it feels really good. I feel like I can take on the world. At least I am taking on the worlds system. I am accountable to God before I am accountable to man. Debt is slavery, but the world says that slavery is freedom. But not for me, not anymore!