Friday, June 27, 2003

So Doug wants me to provide the personal part of myself, complete with a bio. Sorry Doug, I am still working on the Three Rules.

Read this post that I did back in December. Fredrick Douglass ran away, but was almost returned to the south because he had not paid off his former owner. I have no reason to tell the IRS to "please prosecute me." I have asked God to deliver me from egypt and He has been faithful. There is no need for me to tell you all what my address is. I do not wish to be a martyr. The details of what I do for a living are of no consequence to the issues raised on my blog. Maybe like ol Fredrick Douglass I will write myself out the gritty details when I am 80 years old. But for now it is enough that I can say, I am living in the North, no longer reporting to my former masters. Not giving up a dime to fed gov, not signing any W4 with "under duress" or "exempt." And it is only by the grace of God. Not because of any talents that I might have, just leaning on Jesus. Maybe I will have to sign that damned form again. But by the power of God, I hope to stand fast in the freedom that Christ has set me free.

I just had a great talk with a friend about how God leads us down different paths, and we shouldnt fault someone just because they are not following the path that God told me to take. Allen said it well, accepting each man where he is, and at whatever level of knowledge that he is. You see, Allen sounds to me like he lives a life that is closer to Jesus than some of my "christian" friends. No labels there Allen :) Just how it looks from here.