Wednesday, June 18, 2003

It comes down to the money. People are easily controled over a few hundred dollars a year.

If they can realize that

1. There is no law requiring a child or an adult that was born in this country to have SSN to live or work.

2. Without a common numeric indicator there is no way for FedGov to keep up with the info.

3. Without being able to keep track of the inventory, there is no way to enforce the income tax in the information age.

Which brings us to the Fair Tax. It is the next step of FedGov and it is being pushed for hard. And it is being pushed by the "conservatives". But the fair Tax requires the use of SSN for every member of your family in order to receive your monthly Family Consumption Allowance. A monthly check from the FedGov to every family in the nation, now that is control.

But I would have thought this was a good idea 2 years ago. It all comes back to mindset.

I went ahead and ran the numbers, here is what the monthly checks would be per family in 48 Contiguous States and D.C

Poverty level 2003

family size

1 = $ 8,980 = $748.33 a month, 23% is the tax, Prebate would be $172.11 a month

2 = $ 12,120 = $1010 a month, Prebate would be $232.30 a month

3 = $ 15,260 = $1271.66 a month, Prebate $292.48 a month

4 = $ 18,400 = $1533.33 a month, Prebate $352.66 a month

I just noticed that there is a "marriage penalty" included.