Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Response to Nick

I love your blog, but I take issue with your defintion of freedom.

Fair Tax Act of 2003 (Introduced in House)

I really think this is a bad idea as I have detailed on this site. Like most "solutions" raised by fedgov it only creates even more "ties" and restrictions on free trade, as in freedom for one business or individual to trade with another. Freedom means not having to report to a fedgov, or apply for your monthly check from the treasury.

Now jump to the future, 20 years. How well will information be able to be processed? How easy will it be for TIA and any future agency to "audit" and declare that someone is not in compliance.

This bill will move us closer to what some call the age of the beast. Needing a number to buy or sell. At least it will get us closer to the mindset that it is ok to be required to register with fedgov in order to be a seller.

Not in my country! And I will never comply with such a law. I would be forced to grow my own food.


We would no longer have a way of witholding our money until we get an answer from fedgov. In order to live free you would need to use the underground economy.

I can see the headline now, "Man is caught buying eggs from a neighboring farm that is not registered as an authorized seller."

Read the bill HR 25