Thursday, June 05, 2003

I had a short dialoge with Tim about the Fair Tax via e-mail. It is good to see where others are comming from. I will be going into more on the Fair tax because I really believe that it is such a bad idea. But I am not afraid of dialoge. Walter Burien on the other hand does not seem willing to dialoge with Allen Hacker about anything. He sounded like a spoiled little kid. Allen presented what I thought was a clear explanation and poor Walter just whined about a diatribe. The truth is that it takes more than complaining to present clear thought. Allen, one day we will see government restored to a free republic once more, and it will need leaders, not whiners.

Allen, there are so many wacky patriot theorys running around. Would you please address any of them and give your honest opinions on a weekly basis? I have to agree with Doug, Allen Hacker is a leader. I wonder what his IQ is?

Ok Doug, Tim's blog points to what looks like Neal Boortz's blog, at least it gets updated every day.