Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Just because my blog is not updated dont think I am not pursuing freedom. On the contrary, it feels good to learn. I was listening to a taped talk radio program about taxes. Gordon Phillips was being interviewed by some guy named Jack Stockwell. A caller reffered to this US Supreme Court case as reason the IRS is not allowed to seize bank accounts without a judgement from the court. This of course they never do. They just try to bluff and take what they can. The caller named Ed from Salt Lake City UT, said that the IRS seized the bank account of his friend but gave back the money after this case was brought up.

I highly recomend the tape. They even have a tape for Doug about surviving incarceration :)

So I found the SCOTUS case in question and am now studying it. I really could get more research done if I had different priorities. As they stand now

1. God
2. Wife
3. Family
4. Work (to provide for family)
5. Friends
6. Church
7. Blog