Monday, November 25, 2002

I have a very limited amount of time for this blog. It is solely for items that pertain to my continuing awareness of what the law says in regard to taxation and issues of freedom.

So just because I don’t have an entry every day like Doug doesn’t mean that I am giving up on this blog. 10 years from now I will be able to look back and see my progression from voluntary servitude to an unfair tax system to a man that no longer talks of freedom, but lives free. A man with children that have no idea why they would ever need a SSN. What good is a AmerSoc number when God will provide everything that we need? His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He is watching me. He is the source of everything I have. I am just the steward.

So how about that Freedom Drive 2002? Way to go Bob Shultz! I was reading about it on the Devvy site. I did not sign the Petitions but I will read them and see if it is something that I can put my name to. I will not act in haste, but I will take deliberate steps.

Read the petitions here.

I started reading Larken Rose’s report on Taxable Income. That will take some time to get through. I am sure that the video is easier to follow.

Something that is not hard to follow is this. 299 questions asked of our government at the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing. After reading just the first 32 I feel that this would make a great addition to anyone’s IMF. Certify that and smoke it. I would feel much better knowing that this would be read by a jury (as long as they can think independent of the hive).

In the area of dispelling false arguments, please read this from Devvy, start with Part 1 of Patriot Arguments and work your way down. Some very good grounding to keep from being pulled in to really dumb superstitions about all kinds of things. Most research is compiled from Larry Becraft. I have made it through Part 3 and already have let go of any desire copyright my name.