Tuesday, November 26, 2002

I have a friend, his name is Doug. I found him through blogger.com

I was logging into blogger one day to update one of my blogs and a blog title in the recently updated screen caught my eye. "Blog aginst the machine"

well i followed the link and found Doug. His blog was crazy. He just let it all hang out there. His hopes and dreams, his struggles and weaknesses. Real transparency. A real guy that made a choice 10 years ago to stop filing tax returns.

now the IRS is trying to get him to admit that he owes $75,000.

Doug has copies scanned of all of his corusspondace with the IRS. It is a great way for me to see how the IRS does their dirty work.

A common theme that you can see comming from the IRS is the tactic that they are trying to get the "taxpayer" to admit that he is a taxpayer. Why dont they just say that you owe it and take it? Its not that easy for them.

Why do I so dislike the IRS? Because the work just like Satan, literaly. Ask Elaine about Spiritual Warfare. Ever seen The Matrix? Here is the scene I am talking about, the Agents haul Neo off to some windowless cell and try to interigate him. He acts tough and refuses to cooperate. But they take away his ability to speak.

Satan will try to shut you up with all kinds of consessions. Sell your inheritance for a bowl of soup.

My message to Doug today is this. Whatever happens I will stand by you. So will others. Your parents. You have people to call out to when you feel like breaking down. Call on God. Like King David hiding out in the caves, running for his very life. God will hear you. Call Elaine, ask her to pray with you.

Happiness is not found in an Exempt paycheck as you have found out. And you wont find it by signing over half your check to the Fed via the IRS.

Your lonliness and depression will only be healed by Jesus Christ.

I am praying for you man. I am with you reguardless.