Friday, August 16, 2002

It is not easy to for me to keep up to date on this thing. I do not have internet access at home and my access here at work is rather restricted. Most of my interet use is done offline by way of my PDA. So I can read all kinds of great stuff anytime. That is how I have read most of Jim Deal's site and also Gordon Phillips' site. Not to mention the very helpful Save-A-Patriot.

I also purchased two of Gordon's tapes, "How to have a free baby" and one of him on a radio show, both were really great. So our (my wife and I) eyes are being opened to this whole new world. One of the hardest parts is to not allow my actions outrun my newfound knowledge. And so I follow the steps carefully.

1. Get Educated
2. Protect Property
3. Take Action (see 1 and 2)

Right now we are in full blown step one. I have spent 15 years playing by "their" rules with a SSN that was improperly assigned to me. I am now in the process of doing what I need to rid myself from "their" system.

It is very much like the movie "The Matrix." It used to be that you would apply for a SSN (plug yourself into the Matrix) when you started a your first job, but now it is done when you are born.

If you have ever seen The Matrix you know that it is about a man who discovers that the word he lives in is not real. The truth is hard for him to deal with but he discovers that he has the power to defeat the "agents" (they are really called agents). Not everyone had this power. They were forced to run whenever they would see an agent.

now back to our world-
Through educating yourself properly you can find out how the IRS agents track you, their inventory. In the movie there were two brothers named Tank and Dozer. What made them different was that they were born in Zion, and had never been pluged into the Matrix. "Born free right here in the real world" said Tank.

There is no law requiring us to get a SSN for our baby. There is are only threats. "Your child must have a SSN in order for you to claim him/her as a deduction" OH REALLY? WHO SAYS? The law? I didnt think so! And yet we believe without ever questioning.

I am not alone, there are others my age and we are questioning what we have been told.

Can my family survive without free government cheese? Yes, if we dont donate the first fruits of what God has blessed us with directly to the IRS without even asking God if thats where He would like us to invest His money. It is after all His.