Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Are we being watched by the eye that never sleeps? I don't believe that it is that sinister.

From Aakash

This afternoon, I was checking the visitor stats on my blog's hit counter, and I noticed that someone, using the "NIPR.mil" domain, was at my blog. (I had noticed visitors from that domain before.) The visit report stated that this visitor had visited many pages within my weblog site. After doing a web search for information about "NIPR.mil" (I don't think that it is a website url), I IM'ed Pieter... I noted during that IM conversation that my hit counter was reporting that this visitor had now visited 13 pages within my site. Then it showed that the number of pages that he/she had visited was up to 21, and that visitor had spent over 27 minutes at my blog. I refreshed that SiteMeter page, and it reported that he/she had now been to a total of 22 pages within my site, and had spent over 41 minutes there. When that visit had finally concluded, that individual had been through an amazing 27 pages within my blog, and had spent a phenomenal 48 minutes and 55 seconds doing so.

and of course, my reply via comments
I get them from the IRS. I dont think that is of ill intent. I think that it is someone working in a department killing time, wasting it on the internet. Military networks are locked out of going to places like ebay for this reason. But they cant lock them out of searching with google. So the end up searhing what is of intrest to them.

If it was to glean info for ill intent they would not leak their IP address all over.

Just realize that your audience is bigger than you thought. And pray that the truth you speak will get through to them.

Gov employees are people too, and the less work they do the better. I say that they should be allowwed to waste all day reading the public diaries of those who declare that their job is irrelivant :)