Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Pieter at Deux Ego asks the question, What will it take for you to Leave the GOP? Go there and read the comments, and then sound off. I am also posting my response here because I need to have some updates.

My response,
I think that it would take God telling me that I am to leave, which He may do one day. But at this time I feel him pushing me back into the den of lions that is the republican party.

Politics is about power. Both parties are fighting for power for powers sake. Most people on the right and left are blinded from the truth by ideology.

The dems are becoming the godless party, and the republicans are putting more and more faith in the state.

There is no third party that can win, only spoil elections.

The ONLY way that a third party could win is if one of the other parties disolved and a new one created, filled with people that already where elected to office. So that the debate was between two parties. That is the way it is. This opinion has come in part from listening to Michael Medved discuss the history of third party politics in america.

In this day and age, when only 25%(?) of people vote, and their opinion is formed by watching cable news, there is no way someone can be elected on principal. Only marketing and spin, pure and simple.

Ok, now its your turn. Tell me if I'm wrong and why. I need to interchange people.