Saturday, May 03, 2003

Congratulations Doug. You made it to the bigtime! Your Gene Chapman blog that you made has been linked on WND.

Remember back in the day when it felt like we were the only two bloggers that were fighting against the IRS? Then came Patrick and now you are arming everyone you know to battle with the blog.

But I need to agree with Larken Rose on this one.

"Being brave and zealous will NOT win this battle. This is a game of chess, where only KNOWLEDGE AND INTELLECT are worth anything. Getting riled up or enthusiastic, by itself, will accomplish nothing. This isn't a fist fight, where anger might help (although even there a thinking fighter would thrash the emotional one). This is MIND-fighting, where anger and emotion are almost always a HINDRANCE. Sure, there is a lot to be angry about. Go beat up a punching bag, and when you're worn out, THINK and STUDY, to get ready for the battle that matters."

Thank you Patrick for the heads up.