Thursday, October 10, 2002

---Ok, continuing my story from Tuesday.

That was a great night. My cell phone was ringing all night from people saying that they saw me on TV. There was such an expectancy that we would win. I and many of my friends were praying that GW would win. What would happen to our country if Al Gore won? We were praying that our country would return to God. With George Bush I knew that he would seek wisdom from God. Al Gore stood in defiance of God with his stands on abortion. I knew that if this country elected Al Gore, we would be in serious trouble. GW would appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court. One day Roe V Wade will be overturned.

As I watched and listened the results came in and FL turned back to Bush, Gore conceded. Our congress woman, Jennifer Dunn came up and made these declarations about the Republican agenda. Things like tax cuts, eliminating the death tax. I was almost in tears. The principle of passing on a inheritance is something that I have a great passion for. I don’t have a lot of money and my parents are not wealthy. My stand was based on what is right. It is wrong to take away property from someone. So I went home after the speeches. Once I got home I found out that Al Gore had taken it back. As the facts came to the surface we found that it was to close to call. Al Gore was trying to steal the election through the courts. A will have to go into detail another time on that.

What I have learned since July of this year it that my understanding of the law was wrong. So now I am becoming educated. I want to follow the law. I will not misapply the law.

Doug asks me how I can choose to continue paying income taxes knowing that I am not required to by law? As I understand the law at this time, submitting a W4 to my employer that said EXEMPT would be not correct. But if I did my employer would comply and not withhold Federal Income Tax. But my employer would still withhold Social Security and Medicare tax, which for me is still more than I pay in Income Tax.

So what will I do? There must be a better way and that is what I am finding out about.