Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Having a great time reading 1984. I am so glad that we dont live in a world like that. But it could happen. I am wondering who I am writing this journal to, I believe it is to my children. In America we still have the right to raise our children as we see fit. There is of course pressure from the government and others to raise our children by their standards.

How are men equal? God has created us equal. As we grow up and develop, by the choices of our parents, by our own choices, equality is impossible. We are each equal in our abilty to make choices. But choices have different outcomes for different people depending on who or where you are.

Doug has not been shy about his circumstace in life. He has made a choice to work as an employee and claim Exempt on his W4. He also has made the choice to not file a 1040 tax return. Doug is learning how to deal with the IRS as they tell him that he owes $76,000.

I am also learning how to deal with the IRS, but I havent taken any action yet. At least not like Doug. I am learning what steps I need to take to be successful.

Doug states that if a IRS agent shows up at his door to take his car he will just ignore him, pick up his keys and go for a nice drive. I have question for Doug. What if they go to your bank on payday and drain your account? Or what if the go to your employer and garnish your paycheck? These are the questions that I ask on my search for how to move forward.

I am working on the FOUR MAXIMS

#1 -- Protect Property
#2 -- Protect Income
#3 -- Get Educated
#4 -- Take Action? (see #'s 1, 2 and 3)