Friday, August 09, 2002

I heard Tim on the radio this morning on my way to work. He has some faults but no one is more feared by the libs in this state. Listen to this quote from the following article,

That means I-265 would shift an average of $760 million a year - instead of $630 million a year under the old version - from the general fund to transportation. Hurley said Eyman's changes make the measure even worse, and likely will make more enemies than his previous proposals. "He's gotten a host of other folks that are going to try to stop another bad idea," Hurley said. "You can't just take $760 million from the general fund without hurting kids, law enforcement and human services."

The act like it belongs to them, its our money and we want taxes paid on vehicles to go towards fixing and building roads, not bike trails or light rail. Period! - News - Eyman will change initiative's name, avoid opponents' lawsuit

Tax rebel Tim Eyman said Thursday he is changing the name of his latest initiative to avoid the legal expenses of fighting a lawsuit filed by a group that claims he stole its name.