Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Before I go to bed I need to point out that Dick Simkanin was almost acquitted

Employer Simkanin Prosecution Ends in Mistrial
Judge Stymies Both Jury & Defense
DOJ Intends to Retry Simkanin ASAP
Jury Hung at 11-1 Favoring Acquittal

Thoughts that run through my mind,

1. Dick was held without bail for almost six months

2. He agreed to plead guilty (I might too if you took me away from my wife and child)

3. The judge did not want the LAW to be heard

4. Withholding is a voluntary agreement, W4, read this alternate W4 that shows the law. Print out all of these forms, hold them in your hand. Think about what the law says. It is eye opening.

I get pissed! In an information age, you cant keep this from comming down. And when it does we need to find a new source of funding for those government grants to open your own espresso stand or to study lichen in the mohabe desert.

When that time comes, enter the Fair Tax to save the day.