Thursday, May 29, 2003

While I enjoy much of what Kim has to say about guns, I must take issue with this post on this guy promoting the fair tax.

While I hate the current system,

Monthly Treasury checks that Cain calls "pre-bates" would "untax" the sales levies on basic necessities.

The idea that every family in the US would recieve a check from the fedgov every month sounds insane. "Pre-bate" money could be used for untaxed transactions such as, I don't know, maybe drugs. But even more outragous is that it is another attempt to condition us and our children to a handout mentality. (Honey, did we get our prebate yet? Our checking account is almost overdrawn)

I would chose to not recieve a check from the fedgov and might have to start growing my own food. Will I then have to pay a consumption tax on what I should be spending?

We should be able to do better that the "Fair Tax." for more info on the Fair Tax see EXPOSING THE "FAIR TAX" HOAX and also National Sales Tax -- A Perspective to Consider

How can you live your life without fedgov interferance if you are getting a check every month? Talk about a slave mentality. It is still wealth redistribution.