Thursday, June 03, 2004

MP3 and the spoken word

I have neglected for far too long the topic that has greatly impacted me as of late, The Spoken Word MP3. Like many people I enjoy talk radio, 570 KVI, KTTH 770, 710 KIRO, but I am not able to listen to it at work. Also my commute time has shrunk to 10 minutes, so it is possible that I could hear only commercials and news on my way to work. Enter the Spoken word mp3, via a few sources.

First I have to set this up with the fact that I would not even have a portable mp3 player if it wasnt for the good people at Palm making it a part of their Tungstun E PDA. Add in a 32mb SD Card that I got for free from my mom because she upgreaded to a 256mb card for her camara and I am in business. That was 4 months ago, I am now a sponge that soaks information while I work.

The first source of mp3's was Dave Champion of American Radio who is good enough to archive his entire show's history on their website. Why dont you start with with the 45 min interview with Michael Badnarik back on November 15th, 20003 [link 5mb]

But this week Vox Day has inspired me to take the leap and do what I have been wanting to do for over a year, produce my own radio show style talk segments and broadcast to the world.

Here I come!