Sunday, May 16, 2004

Moving to Movable type

Just kidding. No really, this is still a Blogger blog. But isnt it awesome how much it now looks so Movable Typish? (you have to imagine the voice of Strong Bad reading that or it will just sound stupid)

So the other day I see that Blogger has rolled our this whole new look, and with these really good looking templates, and now they enable comments and they give each post its own page just like MT. Check out my slick new permalinks fool!

So why would you want to change to Movable Type? I forgot. I have really wanted to be cool like all of those big fancy MT blogs but now everyone can be cool, well almost everyone.

So thank you Blogger for bringing us the opportunity to be equal, now its us to come up with all that great content. After all, I power Blogger :)

So my only other question is, When are the rest of you going to follow my lead? Come on, it will be oh so fun!