Friday, January 02, 2004

Vox gives some great points on the Dick Simkanin trial (farce) coming up on Monday. Go read now. I wasn't kidding!

The truth is that some things are too dangerous to ignore. For fedgov and the IRS cannot allow Dick Simkanin to roam free. Go read what I read in August of 2002. I believe that the Government forced him to remove this from his site. But you cant delete something from the archive. There he is standing tall and with a smile so genuine, who is this man? "I am a free american! Don't mess with Texas. And by the way, I refuse to withhold money from my employees."

In his letter to Bob Shultz he ends with "No King but Jesus!" That my friends are words that can start a revolution.

Depending on who you are talking about in the freedom movement, its easy to point out faults. But from all I've read of Dick, he seems to be so humble, as in the opposite of proud.

It is clear that he is being railroaded. A fair trial would allow him to present his side of the story. The problem with letting Dick Simkanin present his side over the objections of the prosecutions, is that people can smell a rat. Some people even know when they are being lied to. This is where we come in.

I cannot attend the trial, but even if I could, I would not get to speak with the jury to tell them what questions would not be answered if they asked.

My secret plan to free Dick Simkanin will be revealed tomorrow, God willing.