Monday, December 29, 2003

I've been rather silent, mostly because I've been busy working. I was also trying to write an essay on slavery but since I can barely keep up with my normal blog I kind of pushed that back. You just can't try to be someone you aren't. And your blog ultimately needs to be written for yourself, not others. I don't have to try to please anyone, just be myself. Lately I've become disheartened by the futility of changing the way government operates. You just can't change it from top down. The problem as I see is that once you get to Washington DC, you need to insure that you stay there to make a difference because change happens so slowly there. And because of democracy, you stay in power by being popular. The fastest and most sure way to popularity is to give stuff away.

I've enjoyed watching the Sunday morning political shows yesterday. First Lady Laura Bush, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Secretary Robert Ritch, columnist George Will, Caroline Kennedy, they are all just people. They are people that I would love to sit down and chat with.

There are some blogs that I have enjoyed keeping up with, Vox, Pieter, Buried Treasure, Vroom.

she was our land before we were the lands