Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Thoughts for the day,

Freedom is not free! Freedom vs. security, Give me liberty of give me benefits, all just fun words until it hits you in the face.

Claire shares a new article on working without a SSN. Great stuff, It took me months of searching to get the same info. Now dont let it go to waste.

I have been working without a SSN for almost 6 months. It feels great. Until the reality of lack of security hits. Lost my provision stream (i dont have income, sorry guys) last week. Came hard. I support my wife and son. If it was just me I can always sleep under a bridge but I have family. As people found out our situation they would ask "so are you going to get unemployment?" I side step the question with "Unemployment wont pay the bills" which is true. I was in no mood to be lectured for working as an independant contractor. It is the risk factor. We americans are lazy and would rather run to the massa to help us. The gov owns everything anyway.

But not me, I will run to God who owns everything I have. I was following Him and He will continue to lead me.

The first thing my wife said to me was "if you could do anything, what would it be?" ok, am I blessed or what? She is the best! Well we are not sure what we will do but for now I am a wage slave again until the bills are paid. There is work out there if you are willing to sacrifice pride. My family comes before the words "I am worth more than $10 an hour." It is not easy to work 15 hour days but isnt it great to have that option?

So I am not complaining at all. Life is good. We life in an awesome country, even if it is slouching toward communism. Remember, Socialism is still 100% voluntary :) how bad to you want freedom?