Thursday, October 09, 2003

I am no longer trying to change the world, just wake up some people who will wake some more people. Jesse discusses what happens when you take a stand, all alone.

Reflections on a Choice by Jesse Ogden

The whole experience gave me a chance to see how Americans act when one of their golden calves is under attack. Being raised in this country and being told countless times that this the greatest form of government and not understanding the concepts that this country was truly founded on, it makes it hard for most people to even imagine that anything could actually be better. With so much else that goes on in this world and so much to worry about, it’s hard for people to stop and think some things over. It’s much easier to allow someone else make the big decisions.

And even though only I have these beliefs – to the extent that I’ve taken them that is – at my school, there is a solace a person can find in knowing that your beliefs frighten the establishment. It shows that as powerful as the status quo and the government are, they still fear individuals, and with good reason. A single person can influence a person who influences another person and so on, and soon the state doesn’t seem as powerful and unstoppable as they once were.