Wednesday, September 10, 2003

You want optimism? Here it is. Thanks to Bill St Clair for the heads up.

John Ross’ Speech - IN MANY WAYS, THINGS ARE BETTER FOR US [GUN OWNERS] NOW THAN THEY EVER HAVE BEEN IN THE PAST.: "What can we expect twenty years from now in 2022? If current trends continue, we can expect several things. We will have nationwide concealed carry, and  indoor ranges will proliferate to satisfy the demand of urban-dwelling citizens (particularly women) who need to maintain their defensive skills.  New concealment holsters and concealment purses will appear. As more and more criminals commit their crimes while under the influence of new designer drugs, we will see more and more effective handgun ammunition developed for defense. Handguns will be smaller, lighter, more reliable and more powerful. They will be even more corrosion resistant, and they will have less recoil as more and more manufacturers incorporate integral muzzle brakes into new designs."
"The people in Canada, England, and Australia do not have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights. We do.  The People in Canada, England, and Australia now have confiscation because they first accepted full gun registration. We have refused, to the point of less than 1% compliance when registration has been forces on us by decree on individual types of guns. The people in England recently accepted the banning of handguns because by now, almost everyone in England’s gun culture has moved out of that country. There were only 50,000 handgun permit holders left in England, and most of the handguns there were .22 target pistols. We have over 100 MILLION centerfire handguns in our country, all suitable for defense. The people in Canada, England, and Australia have socialized medicine. We practically boiled in oil the politicians who tried to inflict socialized medicine on America."