Monday, July 29, 2002

This weekend my wife and I went to the Scottish Highland Games. This event was huge. Now I really want a kilt. She made the comment that it really seemed to be a male dominated society. I had to think about that. I think that it would look that way because in that society everyone had to work but the protection came from the men. What woman would want to marry a wus that couldnt defend his home and family?

Braveheart Quote:
"Its our wits that make us men."

Jump to the present:
Here in America we live in relative safety and wealth. Even those that live below the poverty line ($16,700 a year) enjoy indoor plumbing, color TV, VCR, refrigerator and food. Those that go without shelter do so because they refuse to conform to a program that is availible to "get them back on their feet." But the help is available. So where are the big burly guys that you would lose your life to if you threatened their family? Where are the Men of Worth? Men that would give up the entertainment of going out to dinner and a movie to stay home and play with the kids. Men that would give their wife the freedom to stay home and manage the family without the expectation to bring in "her half" of the income.

In our society a man tends to value a woman based on what she can do for him. But God calls us to value her for the very reason that she is precious.
Sorry for the rabbit trail.

All that to say that our present men tend to be total wusses. And women end up unprotected, needing to give their children to strangers to raise while the go out and work for a boss that tries to make them feel like they don't do anything good enough. And that their value is the hourly wage they bring in. These are just some things that God is really putting on my heart. So I call out to the men, the real men, "Rise up men of Virtue!"

Who do you trust to provide for your needs? What about your desires? There is a big differance between the two.

If you put your money into your family and into your church (at least 10%) first, do you think that it could free up your wife to be a wife? Did you know that the law does not require a citizen living and working within a state of the union to pay federal income tax? Who do you fear? Why?

Rise up men, wake up from your sleep! Stand together for the sake of your family!