Wednesday, July 24, 2002

For about 5 months I have been researching the subject of Social Security. I had heard that SS was not required if you objected on religious grounds. The more I thought about it the more I objected. Some friends of ours also were looking into it. They were starting a small business. The information that the got from the IRS was not helpful, it never directly answred the questions that I had.

Well 2 weeks ago I did a search on for "Tax Freedom". What came back has taken some getting used too. When it comes to conspiracy theories I dont give them much credit. Did we land on the moon? Yes. Was JFK shot by Lee Harvey Oswald? I think so. Are we actually being ruled by some super secret society like the Iluminati? No.

So why would I buy into some crazy idea about Social Security being imposed on all of America even though it is not required? So far what I have learned makes perfect sense. The only reason SS is not unconstitutional is that it is optional. Is it a masterpiece conspiracy? I think it is just ignorance and going with the flow of society.

Knowledge does not empower, knowledge put in action empowers. Knowing truth and applying truth are two very differnt things. I believe that God has called me to live in the world but not as the world. That is hard to define. I think it could take my whole lifetime to work on. Here is something, everything that I have comes from God. I choose to submit my life to God. So my family is like a company owned by God. God has placed me in authority over my family, CEO (Chief Executive Officer). My wife is the COO (Chief Operating Officer). Together we work as a family to do what God is telling us.

Today we found out that we will be having a baby. We are so excited. One thing we have agreed is that we will no apply for our baby to receive a SSN. That is a choice he/she will have to make when he/she turns 18 or moves out.

In my research, some claim that the SSN is actually the Mark of the Beast. I am not sure I agree with that but have you ever tried to live, work, buy or sell in America without it? It makes you think.

The more I read about the founding of this country and the men and women that risked their lives, the more I want to build on the freedoms that they fought for. By just going along with the flow of society I am tearing down the foundations they built. Actually the foundations are in the Bible. Our founding fathers were godly men. This country was founded on Christian principles of freedom and self government. I challenge anyone to find principles of freedom and self government in any other religion. No King but Jesus. This was the cry of the American Revolution. If that was the cry of this generation where would our country be? If we followed the teachings of Christ? I live to see that day come.

I am a man under authority. I will defend the constitution of this great land. America is still the greatest country on earth. God Bless America!